Second Hand Industrial Equipment

Second Hand Industrial Equipment

Demand for second hand industrial equipment has continued to grow in recent months. The recession has been felt by both consumers and businesses and while in the past new industrial equipment may have been purchased without much thought, most companies simply do not have access to the same levels of capital that they had access to in the past. The concerns of those on the look out for second hand industrial equipment are generally pretty similar and tend to primarily revolve around whether or not the second hand industrial equipment can really be trusted to be the backbone of a successful business. The answer to this is yes, provided you take notice of the following guidelines.

Where to Buy Second Hand Industrial Equipment

I have purchased quite a lot of second hand industrial equipment and the only place I ever purchase it from is reputable companies that specialize in the buying and selling of second hand goods. Provided you purchase from such a company you are guaranteed that they have examined it thoroughly and are willing to place their reputation on the line in saying that it is up to scratch. Should you purchase from private sellers especially through online auctions you do not have this guarantee. And while the majority of private sellers on auction sites are not wishing to scam anybody, they often do not have the necessary expertise to thoroughly assess the reliability of what it is that they are selling. They therefore may sell you second industrial equipment that they think is in perfect working order but you may find out that this is actually far from the case.

Avoid Second Hand Industrial Equipment That Has Not Been Regularly Maintained

In theory all pieces of industrial equipment should have an official maintenance record. Of course not all second hand industrial equipment has such a record and my advice is simple, if it does not have one, don't buy it. Regular maintenance is required if industrial equipment is to remain reliable for long periods of time. Therefore if the seller cannot illustrate that the piece of second hand industrial equipment that you are after has been regularly maintained, do part with your cash as sellers who have been smart enough to properly maintain their machines are generally also smart enough to have kept a record of said maintenance.

Always Personally Inspect Expensive Second Hand Industrial Equipment

The last means of avoiding sub par second hand industrial equipment is to try to inspect it yourself before making the purchase. Though not always possible, if you are in a position to do so and the cost of the equipment is significant, skipping this step is a mistake. Remember that it need not even be you; one of your employees with the necessary expertise can do it. The simple fact is that reputable companies will not attempt to trick or lie to you but they will still provide the nicest possible photo of what they are selling and it may not be a true representation of it's actual condition. Therefore inspecting it yourself is the only way to ensure that there are no nasty surprises come delivery day.

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