Types of Industrial Equipment

Types of Industrial Equipment

Different types of industrial equipment are required by different kinds of companies in order to run their businesses. From a very small sized hand truck to a larger sized crane, there are many different types of industrial equipment to pick and choose from. A majority of industrial equipment is constructed out of steel or another especially tough material which is capable of withstanding tough usage and which is tough enough to ensure that the equipment is able to provide service for many long years. Construction companies and centers that handle environment waste as well as warehouses need to make use of different types of industrial equipment.

Industrial equipment - Crane

A crane is one such equipment that has to be used by different companies. This particular item of industrial equipment has an arm that is long and is used to lift an item that has to be shifted from one place to another. Construction companies make regular use of a crane as this item of industrial equipment helps them to transport items to elevated places such as skyscrapers and bridges

Levers and pulleys

A crane makes use of a few levers as well as pulleys which help the operator in transporting items to wherever they are needed. The railway crane happens to be an especially large sized crane and can lift weights of up to 20183 metric tons.


The forklift is another good example of types of industrial equipment. This particular item of industrial equipment is mainly used in places such as warehouses where it helps in picking up and carrying pallets as well as boxes from one part of the warehouse to a different part in the warehouse.

Licensed operators

Only licensed operators are allowed to make use of the forklift. They should have passed a safety test before they can be allowed to operate such types of industrial equipment. This particular item of industrial equipment has two major components which are the cabin which houses the driver and there is also the mast which is an extension that extends far out and which rises from the bottom. It helps in lifting up weights.

Pyroban converters

Pyroban converters are other types of industrial equipment that help in making a forklift explosion –proof. Such forklifts are normally used in those working environments where there is risk of fire. A chemical warehouse and a pharmaceutical plant are work environments where there is a higher risk of fire and so the pyroban converters are used in such places.

There are also many robotic types of industrial equipment. These items of industrial equipment are being widely used in the assembly of items and also in automation processes. New and improved technologies have made it possible to manufacture very advanced robotic types of industrial equipment. These items of industrial equipment are widely used in any place where repetitive tasks have to be performed.

Robotic industrial equipments use rotating arms which have small sized hand pieces that help in holding and positioning parts. In addition, these types of industrial equipment are also capable of performing certain kinds of procedures. They are also used for performing jobs that are too dangerous for humans.

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