Used Industrial Equipment

Used Industrial Equipment

The second hand industry is booming of late no doubt a result of the global recession and the used industrial equipment market is no exception. Many people attempting to purchase used industrial equipment have the same questions and concerns. The primary concern tends to be whether or not they will be of sufficient quality to ensure that the savings made in the purchase are not overshadowed by long term losses that are made through the equipments malfunctions and general inefficiency. The short answer is that it is possible to purchase used industrial equipment that will be just as useful to your company as the new variety. For the longer answer, do keep reading.

Where To Buy Used Industrial Equipment

Though not an absolute rule as I have had some success in the past, if possible I would avoid purchasing used industrial equipment from online auction companies. I would instead only purchase from reputable reseller companies who have the expertise to fully examine the industrial equipment that they sell and who are willing to place their reputation on the line by guaranteeing that it is up to scratch. Now I am not saying that purchasing from auctions will lead to you being scammed. Far from it in fact, the online auction business model would not be so popular if that was the case. The problem is that some industrial equipment is incredibly complex and to judge its ability to handle high output processes requires a level of expertise that many sellers on such sites do not possess. Therefore while they may think that they are selling a great product, upon installing it in your company's premises and really putting it through its paces, you may find the seller's assumption to be incorrect. Also unlike with professional resellers, you will not have a guarantee or a trusted help line to call should something go wrong.

Don't Buy Used Industrial Equipment Without Checking It's Maintenance History

Though not always available, the majority of equipment sold by professional resellers will have a maintenance manual that you can check through before parting with your cash. The complexity of industrial equipment and the amount of pressure it is often put under means that regular maintenance is required. It needs to be checked at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains in good condition. Therefore you should only purchase used industrial equipment that has been regularly and adequately maintained by the previous owner otherwise you will be the one that pays for their negligence.

Always Inspect Expensive Used Industrial Equipment Before Purchasing

As I have outlined above, a lot of headaches can be avoided by simply solely dealing with reputable companies. Much like any company that is selling something however, small exaggerations will be made especially in non verifiable terms such as "excellent condition". Therefore though you cannot inspect every piece of used industrial equipment that you purchase, if you are buying something that is particularly expensive, an inspection is sadly a very good idea. It need not even be you but a trusted third party with the necessary expertise. Failing to do this can unfortunately lead to some big arguments with the delivery men.

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